Monday, May 4, 2015

Ex BAT Warehouse

A warehouse, ex BAT, still standing tall at Pengapon Street, Semarang. Located right in front of Pengapon Pertamina depo. Not far away from the old city of Semarang, or about 1,5-2 Km east from it.

This building possessed by the British American Tobacco (BAT), that's why people of Semarang call it by 'gudang BAT' or BAT warehouse. Then it bought by PT Sampoerna for tobacco/cigarrete warehouse. 

Only then, PT Sampoerna concentrate their mission more likely to educational sector, so then the building is abandoned until today. Sadly the inside part is now flooded by the tidal water, or, people of Semarang call it, 'rob'.This flood also happen in other part of Semarang, specially northern as Jl  Ronggowarsito, Raden Patah, and Kaligawe, with the depth around 30-60 cm high.

As this post written (5/4/15), rear part of this building rent by a pipe company.

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